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black women

Newsletter ‘Tomorrow Looks Bright’ celebrates the global creativity of Black Women

19th October 2015 |

The first newsletter for newly launched website ‘Tomorrow Looks Bright’ arrived in my inbox this afternoon and immediately brought a smile to my face seeing familiar and new faces of women who have created products from adult colouring books (I … Read More

[Interview] Samantha Chioma: creator of new web series ‘Life of Hers’

14th July 2014 |

Life of Hers is one of the many new drama series seeking to explore the ‘Sex & The City’ of millennial women. But unlike Lena Dunham’s award-winning HBO drama Girls, or MTV’s Underemployed, it explores this experience through the eyes … Read More

M(other)nity: Artist Kosisochukwu Nnebe latest installation explores the identity of the modern Black woman

20th February 2014 |

Nigerian-Canadian Artist Kosisochukwu Nnebe’s latest project which is currently on display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as part of their Black History Month program, focuses on the identity of the modern black woman.

Speaking about her latest installation … Read More

[Short Film] Ackee & Saltfish: The trials and tribulations of the modern girls non-existant relationship with cooking

5th October 2012 |


I used to tell people I didn’t know how to cook as a joke to see their reaction – it was quite amusing. There’s a common notion that women and especially young black women should all … Read More

[Art + Design] The Night Scarf Project by Angela Dennis looks at the bedtime ritual of hair wrapping

2nd August 2012 |

The glorious night scarf, whether made from a makeshift pair of tights, a satin bonnet or a silk scarf – is an item worn by many black women across the globe (and equally contested by many of their significant others, … Read More

[Image of The Day] The Black Venus Project: Maxim Vakhovskiy captures black women from all walks of life

26th July 2012 |

Much can be said about how the black female form has been and still is portrayed in society. At times it seems to be something that many of us do not have control over but something that is dictated to … Read More

[Video Teaser] In(HER)view: a conversation with Black women by Charla Harlow

25th April 2012 |

We actually featured Charla on the site a couple of years ago due to her work with What The Fresh so it’s great to see something new from her new venture Harlow Project. The site was created … Read More

[fashion + style] Printed Headscarves by Indigoespop

28th February 2012 |

I’ve come across Indigoespop a couple of times this year and really like their use of graphic prints. Theyir pieces have a feel of 90s grunge and Afro chic that makes for really interesting designs. As well as a selection … Read More

thenublack ♥s Black Love Poster

18th August 2010 |

I’ve been put on to so many dope blogs since the finalists list of the BWBA2010 was posted up – Black Love Poster is definitely one of them. Created by Leila of Black Girl Long Hair, Black Love … Read More