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Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 5: The Midpoint

19th August 2014 |

It’s been nearly two years since my last post in the article series, Journey of A Student Filmmaker. I moved to California, competed in the Lenovo Seize The Night Competition, and extolled the philosophical ideals of my foray into film … Read More

[A Few of My Favourite Things] Lulu Kitololo Creative Director of Creative Agency We Are Asilia

5th November 2012 |


Design that draws from its environs and cultural context I get so upset when I’m home in Kenya and see the proliferation of generic, probably Chinese-made, furniture and fixtures. The materials used are sometimes not suitable for the … Read More

[Thenublk 4] Kenji Summers of The Passport Project shares 4 of his favourite Travel Destinations

29th October 2012 |


4 years is a long time in digital. A lot comes, a lot goes. I first heard Paris, Tokyo Remix in 2008 and 4 years later I work full time on the coalition Pharrell told me I should … Read More

[Guest Post] Au revoir from Tam+Sam

13th October 2012 | | 3 Comments

Thanks for having us on the blog this week! It has been wonderful sharing content with thenublack readers. Keep in touch. xx

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[Guest Post] The Coiffure Project by Glenford Nunez

11th October 2012 |

At 24 years old Glenford Nunez has become some kind of a local celebrity in Baltimore, where he resides, and also worldwide. At his TYP Photography Studio, he shot a collection of stunning portraits of black women rocking natural … Read More

[Guest Post] Bonjour from Tam+Sam

8th October 2012 |

To be honest, we can’t truly remember the exact details of how we first discovered Gabi’s blog, Thenublk. And was it Tam or Sam who first commented and spread the link love? Regardless, we do know that it was the … Read More

Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 4: The Competition

9th September 2012 |

It’s done. I am officially a resident of California. Last week was my first foray into three years of being a graduate student at USC’s Cinematic Arts Program. It’s amazing to think a few months ago I was only dreaming … Read More

Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 3: The Wait

25th July 2012 |

There is nothing worse than the anticipation of good things to come. When your hard work has brought on the summation of your aspirations in a fiery swath of acceptance you begin to wonder, “What’s next?” I believe this is … Read More

Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 2: The Adjustment

21st May 2012 |



I am proud to say I am officially a graduate of The University of Alabama.

It’s been a strenuous, yet gratifying four years as an undergraduate. Few individuals can attest to utilizing their time in … Read More