[Thenublk 4] Kenji Summers of The Passport Project shares 4 of his favourite Travel Destinations


4 years is a long time in digital. A lot comes, a lot goes. I first heard Paris, Tokyo Remix in 2008 and 4 years later I work full time on the coalition Pharrell told me I should start.

In this evolving world there are more Americans with a Facebook account than with a passport. We are increasingly digitally connected but long for face to face experiences. The cost of international travel should not be the reason that keeps young people from traveling. However, in U.S. states, higher income people are more likely to have passports and a willingness to travel out of the country.

Passport Project embraces an age where hip-hop and Givenchy are bedmates and teenagers grow up with dreams of creating culture rather than simply consuming it. The goal, in addition to increasing passport ownership, is to inspire and empower young people to consider their existence in relation to the rest of the world as opposed to their immediate reality. 

Last year I received a tweet about Thenublk when planning a backpacking trip through Europe. The tweet told me that the blog was a source for creative Black culture in the UK, I came to find this to be true. It really starts with Gabi’s taste and attention to detail. Design is a major part of my life and I come from an advertising background which means I covet design that works and makes you want to spend time. I am glad I found a kindred spirit in Iamthnublack. To show my appreciation I wanted to share my favorite cities for aspiring and current travellers.



The beach was the most memorable part of this beautiful city. Home to Pablo Picasso, you can immediately tellwhy his paintings were so vivid. You just want to go to sleep in the arms of Barcelona’s beach. Make sure to pay the $5 for a Tui-na massage from one of the women that work the beach.





London, oh how I love you.  This is by far the best city in the world…only NYC and maybe Melbourne or Sydney can compete with that.

Free. The best four letter word of traveling. The row of museums in the South Kensington neighborhood of London are worth the price of the flight. The Power of Making exhibit at Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the reasons I believe that it is the world’s greatest museum of art and design. The exhibit was the highlight of my experience in London and was as thought provoking as it was entertaining. I even received a free sample of Sugru (sugru.com), one of the products that was curated for the exhibit, after tweeting about the exhibit and product while at the museum.



Rotterdam>Amsterdam. This city gave me the grittiness that I felt Amsterdam was lacking. It wasn’t touristy and had the working class feel that I appreciate from places I visit. My good friend Mutaurwa brought me to his boxing gym. After a tough workout I fully understood the spirit of the Dutch.



I live for the subversive and skating is still probably the  most subversive you can get in most cities. Skaters were once the poster child of rebellion but today they are a lot more accepted. In Brussels I found the Ursulines skate park on a city guide that my hostel gave me upon checking in. I talked to the skaters at the park and I was happy that they let me know that skating in Brussels is an integral part of the identity of the youth of the city and keeps many of them off the streets and out of trouble.



A huge thanks to Kenji for coming through with a guest post for our anniversary, The Passport Project is a really inspiring initiative which we love at Thenublk HQ. Last week they released their first web series ‘Passport Life’ which sees Entrepreneur/artist Blue take his first ever trip out of the US to Equitorial Guinea. Check the video below and go support the project (and get some stamps on your passport!).