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[Fashion + Style] Baloji releases capsule sunglasses collection with Komono

7th September 2015 |

As a person who very rarely wears a watch (that’s what phones are for no?) I was excited and instantly fell in love when introduced to Belgian brand Komono. Creators of both timepieces and sunglasses their products are simple yet … Read More

[Fashion + Style] StyleLikeU celebrates the unique stories of Black style connoisseurs

9th February 2015 |

The simplicity of StyleLikeU‘s ‘What’s Underneath’ series is incredibly powerful. It seeks to get to the core of what makes each subject (often style icons/tastemakers/creatives) featured by asking them to remove a piece of clothing whilst answering a series of … Read More

Latest New Balance 1600 inspired by Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach

18th February 2014 |

An exciting collaboration between New Balance and Nice Kicks which are due to be released in March have been inspired by the sandy beaches of Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach.

Speaking on Grenada’s News Channel, their creator Matt Halfhill (who owns … Read More

[Fashion + Style] Aesthetic Candy: Capturing Fashion and Inspiring Imagination

6th February 2014 |

From photographs of West Indian immigrants arriving on the shores of England in the 50s to the bright delicately crafted costumes worn during carnival, style is something that the Caribbean has become synonymous for.

Aesthetic Candy a style blog dedicated … Read More

[Fashion + Style] Kenema’s capsule collection ‘Interlude’ takes nostalgic inspiration from 90s London

20th November 2013 |

We first heard from Tamu Thomas, creator of fashion label Kenema Co. in 2010 when it first launched and have had the pleasure of being part of a number of events they’ve organised (The First Lady Fayre which took place … Read More

Illustrator Kiaski Donkor re-creates folklore character Anansi new episode creative webisode ‘Signatures’

13th November 2013 | | 3 Comments

In the latest episode of creative web series ‘Signatures’, the show speaks with British based illustrator Kiaski Donkor. Haaving grown up on the folklore tales of Anansi, I found the episode fun to watch as Donkor gives the cheeky character … Read More

President for Life: African inspired underwear for the dapper gentleman

28th October 2013 |

Whether you’re a dapper gent or enjoy your trousers with a little sag in them President for Life has you covered (literally). Owned and manufactured by Brooklyn-based Ghanian Egya Appiah, the company aims to support the livelihood of it’s craftsmen … Read More

[Places + Spaces] Soboye: East London’s Eclectic African Delight

23rd September 2013 | | One Comment

The first of our new features for the year, from boutiques, to galleries, restaurants and bookshops Р Places + Spaces will take a look at some of the hidden gems and cool locations in cities around the world.


Located … Read More

[Thenublk] Wale Oyejide & Olalekan Jeyifous of Ikire Jones talk collaboration, travel and their creative process

9th September 2013 |

Introduce yourselves

Wale Oyejide. I’ve fallen through a revolving door of different lives, but currently, menswear design at Ikire Jones is my focus.

Olalekan Jeyifous [aka LEk], a rather discursive Nigerian-born and Brooklyn-based artist/designer with a background in architecture. For … Read More