Latest New Balance 1600 inspired by Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach

An exciting collaboration between New Balance and Nice Kicks which are due to be released in March have been inspired by the sandy beaches of Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach.

Speaking on Grenada’s News Channel, their creator Matt Halfhill (who owns the Nice Kicks website) spoke of his connection to Grenada through being raised there during his childhood.

It felt like every weekend an event or gathering took place in Grand Anse. Whether the event was focused on sport, music, or just having a good time, I was welcomed by my new friends of Grenada as though I was one of their own from the get go. Not an opportunity was ever missed to welcome a new comer to the island and immerse a young man in his formative years to the culture of Grenada.

Fast forward fourteen years later, I was given the opportunity to hit the pen to paper and design a new special release for New Balance. It was with little hesitation that I wanted to pay tribute to a place, an island, and a community that still means so much to me to this day- Grand Anse.

As much fun as it has been to build this project with New Balance it has been an even greater pleasure to tell the story of Grand Anse and Grenada through a shoe. My goal of the project is to tell everyone I possibly can reach about this piece of paradise on earth.

The bright blue accents and light grey colour way all reminiscent of the beach’s clear blue water and sandy beaches. A launch party for the shoe will take place in Austin Texas where the website is located.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for when the go on sale!

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photo credit: Nice Kicks/Kicks Addict

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