who exactly runs thenublk?

In case you were wondering – the majority of thenulk’s, website/social media content and promotional materials have been created by its founder Gabrielle A Smith.

That said, over the years the site and social platforms have been contributed to by a variety of passionate contributors, creative takeovers, interns as well as family and friends of thenublk.

Collaboration has also played an import role in the existence of this platform and so we’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to the all of the people and platforms who over the last 15 years have been thenublk’s co-conspiritors and supporters in various ways.


about the founder

Gabrielle A Smith is a British-Grenadian creative and producer whose work has existed somewhere between the newsroom and ‘Black Twitter’ since 2009 (and whose earliest memory of the Internet 1993!) Both of those environments have provided her with a varied and dynamic approach to the work she has created for the last 10 years.

Much of her work focuses around creating impactful approaches to the often overlooked stories, trends and movements often led by historically marginalised communities that need more attention in the world-at-large.

Gabrielle’s work as a creative and founder of the:nublk has provided her with a variety of speaking opportunities and special events in conjunction with organisations including Where Are The Black Designers, Google, Africa Utopia, Black Blossoms, Social Media Week, The Black Cultural Archives and South By Southwest (SXSW).

Gabrielle’s work has been featured in print and digital publications including Essence Magazine, Design Week, Creative Lives in Progress, We Inspire Me by author Andrea Pippins.