est. 2008

At a time when the digital landscape looked very different than it does now, then trainee Broadcast Designer Gabrielle A. Smith created a personal blog to celebrate Black History Month by interviewing other emerging creatives from the Black diaspora who were using their work to explore their identity and cultural heritage.

After the month was over, she decided to keep going and for the next 6 years, the:nublk grew to become a leading platform for both emerging and established Black creatives through interviews, events and online discussions. In 2015/16 at at time when what felt like a new wave of social media and activism was happening online, the:nublk transitioned from being a blog to focusing on producing culturally impactful events and continuing to collaborate with individuals and platforms who shared a desire for a more inclusion in the creative and media landscape.

Today, the:nublk serves as an archive of  Black creativity. Many of the then emerging voices featured on the platform have since gone on to become some of the creative and media world’s prominent filmmakers, authors, curators, actors, visual artists, poets, and voices.