[Fashion & Style] Punk & Ivy: South Africa’s eclectic style duo

Introduce yourselves 

Punk & Ivy Motique is owned by Bianca Miles (ex MTV Africa and SA Film Marketer and Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya, Stylist and Musician, best known as one of the best-dressed men in Jozi (he won GQ Best Dressed in 2012).  We are a soon to be a husband and wife duo, who saw a niche in the retail space for SA Fashion. Bianca manages all production and marketing whilst Khaya is the Creative Director, managing design as well as all the Styling requirements we are hired for in the TV and Print arena.


What inspired you to create Punk & Ivy?

In July last year we were sitting on a sidewalk in Bangkok, amazed by the effortless mobility the city has adopted. It runs beyond the 9-5 routine and we thought it would make perfect sense for Mzansi. We took the principle and applied it to what both of us are champions of: fashion, styling, consulting and creating bespoke solutions for all our clients. The rest was planning and lots of fundraising, and thankfully it’s working out.



What are your thoughts on the rise in the popularity of African Fashion?

Exciting! The local fashion industry is in a great space- a lot of collaborations and partnerships with brands outside of the Fashion arena is a great move towards growing the industry and the individuals who continue to push SA support for local product. African fashion currently is definitely under a microscope, and so much of the trends that are ethnically relevant, yet uncelebrated on the continent are being picked up and adapted internationally. Just look at the LV Masai print and blanket jumpers range that came out last year, by Kim Jones. It’s up to designers and creative’s to harness what we are proud of, translate that into a modern garments that locals will want to actually PAY FOR. More support means more business, more employment, greater profits and best of all, a growing industry that can stand on its own, without relying on China to produce everything we wear.


Describe Punk & Ivy in one sentence

Perfectly tailored ready to wear garments for He and She, androgynous and authentically South African.



What’s next for Punk & Ivy?

We are currently in production with the Motique, which is set to launch at the end of July. This mobile solution will enable us to take SA designers, as well as our own label on the road- and build the culture of buying local. Its the core focus of our business right now. Second to that- we have plotted to expand the business in 2014, with further static spaces, more lifestyle product offering and most of all collaborations with other brands that can elevate the creativity of our country to the rest of the continent and the world, thanks to the internet.


Punk & Ivy is set to hit the road in the 9,3m left-hand drive motique and will map their route across the SA provinces on punkandivy.com, our Facebook page and Twitter.