[Guest Post] Bonjour from Tam+Sam

To be honest, we can’t truly remember the exact details of how we first discovered Gabi’s blog, Thenublk. And was it Tam or Sam who first commented and spread the link love? Regardless, we do know that it was the unique, fresh, timely and enriching content that sparked our interest and we both found commonalities in the desire to be more than “just a blog”. With all that said, we are delighted to be guest blogging this week and would like to thank Gabi and her readers for this opportunity. Enjoy!

#ff Tamisha and Samantha

P.S: Oh yes, a sincere congratulations on your 4 year anniversary. Looking forward to many more years and great reads…



TamSam is a daily updated lifestyle blog with a global readership. From two creatives it is a visual catalog—a design landscape and an eclectic playground sprinkled with inspirational findings, uncommon threads, curious quirks and stylish musings from everyday life. TamSam is the creation of Samantha Etane and Tamisha Harris, who in 2008, were interested in creating an online platform where dreamers and doers could escape the visual chaos of the universal web and land on a carefully curated blog. A blog that aims to promote creative endeavours by providing useful and fresh content. This content explores new, classic or treasured ideas that have been handpicked by us which we may then introduce, interpret, construct, deconstruct or reconstruct. Filled with desire or dissent, it can be a push for or a revolt against.