[Video Teaser] In(HER)view: a conversation with Black women by Charla Harlow

We actually featured Charla on the site a couple of years ago due to her work with What The Fresh so it’s great to see something new from her new venture Harlow Project. The site was created to celebrate and tell the stories of women and people of colour by speaking to everyday people about their experiences and sharing them whilst generating a space for people to have open dialogue about the projects.

About the project:

The eight-part series asks five black women the same eight questions about their lived experiences-from what they love about being a black woman to the challenges they face. The first episode of in(HER)view premieres May 7 on HarlowProject.com.

“There is a stark contrast between what the world sees and what we actually experience as black women,” says in(HER)view creator Charla Harlow. “I wanted to portray black women in an honest and truthful way.”
Video subjects include Genesis Tremaine, co-founder of bklyn boihood, teacher, and artist; Jasu Sims, youth mentor, activist and organizer; Kimberley McLeod, communications director and creator of Elixher.com; Peta-Gaye Williams, social worker and wellness warrior; and Ryann Holmes, co-founder of bklyn boihood.
“I want this project to reach people all over the world but particularly women of the African Diaspora,” adds Harlow. “Hopefully this will build bonds by exposing the commonalities that we share, allowing us to celebrate our resilience.”