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[fashion + style] Printed Headscarves by Indigoespop

[fashion + style] Printed Headscarves by Indigoespop

I’ve come across Indigoespop a couple of times this year and really like their use of graphic prints. Theyir pieces have a feel of 90s grunge and Afro chic that makes for really interesting designs. As well as a selection of headscarves they also sell tees and pin badges.

Speaking to us about her work designer Kelly Wilson says:

I’ve always loved fashion as a child. I remember watching fashion shows on tv but I never wanted to be a designer, NEVER!! But that all changed after I left the military and decided I wanted to do whatever it was that made me happy and that was fashion. So after some fashion internships which one of them included assisting designer Nakimuli I decided to start my own indiegoespop.

I decided to make scarves because I had all of these patterns in my head and I had to let them out and thought scarves were a great way to showcase them, I love headscarves! I find them beautiful with a strong historical connection amongst black women. Headscarves can be worn up as well as down, they can be glamorous or casual.