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Nikki Giovanni

[Art + Design] 1001 Black Men: Illustrations inspired by Nikki Giovanni’s poem ‘Beautiful Black Men’

24th October 2012 |

In June 2010 English professor and artist Ajuan Mance started ‘100 Black Men’ to document the faces of men she saw on her daily journeys in Oakland, California. The project includes the faces of family members, friends and neighbours.

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iamthenublack: Darrin Michelle of Little Shop

20th September 2010 |

Introduce yourself

Darrin Michelle, Washington DC born and Annapolis, Maryland raised. I am a graphic designer who has a love for the simple and fun. I am the owner and art director of LITTLE shop clothing-a place … Read More


15th July 2010 |

“I’m glad I understand that while language is a gift, listening is a responsibility.”

Nikki Giovanni

source: Afroklectic

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iamthenublack: Elisha of Homegirls Hand Grenades

12th July 2010 |

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Born and raised on the Westcoast (Cali), now residing in the southeast

(North carolina), and i’m learning it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. people say i’m easy-going, free-spirited.. … Read More