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Newsletter ‘Tomorrow Looks Bright’ celebrates the global creativity of Black Women

19th October 2015 |

The first newsletter for newly launched website ‘Tomorrow Looks Bright’ arrived in my inbox this afternoon and immediately brought a smile to my face seeing familiar and new faces of women who have created products from adult colouring books (I … Read More

Journey of a Student Filmmaker Part 5: The Midpoint

19th August 2014 |

It’s been nearly two years since my last post in the article series, Journey of A Student Filmmaker. I moved to California, competed in the Lenovo Seize The Night Competition, and extolled the philosophical ideals of my foray into film … Read More

[Boomark This] Grenada 40: Celebrating Grenada’s Young Influencers around the world

5th February 2014 |

If I asked you to name a famous Grenadian, who would you start with? Unlike countries such as Jamaica or even Trinidad & Tobago – coming up with such names are even a challenge for those of Grenadian descent! The … Read More

[Bookmark This] New Work and Website from London based Creative Duo Quirksville

22nd January 2014 |

The lovely ladies at Quirksville relaunched a brand new website at the weekend.

The duo made up of illustrator Justina Bailey and graphic designer Naomi Ray joined forces in 2011 and have since built up a creative resume of projects … Read More

[Bookmark This] Uncommon Caribbean: A visually stunning guide to ‘The Real Caribbean Less Traveled’

11th September 2013 |


I’ll hold my hands up and admit that when it comes to travelling to the Caribbean I’ve limited myself… unless we’re counting layovers of under 3 hours then Grenada is the only island I’ve stayed in for an extended … Read More

[Bookmark This] Esperanza Spalding launches a blog dedicated to her personal style

3rd October 2012 | | 2 Comments

I know I’m really going to enjoy visiting this site a lot in the near future. With her love of eclectic style and desire to put upcoming designers in the spotlight Ms Spalding’s style blog is definitely a … Read More

[Bookmark This] Pixel Fable: Nigerian tales brought to life with the use of Augmented Reality

20th June 2012 |



What a cool way to bring children’s stories to life – I love it! Created by Senongo Akpem, Pixel Fable brings Nigerian children’s stories to life using illustration, animation and code.

This project comes from the concept of Afro-Futurism. As … Read More

[Bookmark This] Afritorial: A beautifully designed African focused content-aggregator

18th April 2012 |

This beautifully design portal has fast become one of my go-to sites of 2012. Afrotorial is an Africa focused content-aggregator and news hub; giving Africa’s leaders, thinkers, artists and innovators a global voice and platform.


Read More

[Bookmark This] Afritecture: Showcasing modern day Architecture in Africa

11th April 2012 | | 2 Comments

Stumbled across this website a couple of months ago. It’s a collection of various architectural structures across the continent of Africa. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in that side of Africa.

Unlike the term ‘Western Architecture’, which conjures … Read More