[Boomark This] Grenada 40: Celebrating Grenada’s Young Influencers around the world

If I asked you to name a famous Grenadian, who would you start with? Unlike countries such as Jamaica or even Trinidad & Tobago – coming up with such names are even a challenge for those of Grenadian descent! The likes of sprinter Kirani James, Lewis Hamilton and director Steve McQueen are just a few names that have come to be well known in mainstream media in the past few years.

Grenada 40 – a site which was created by communications strategist Zoe Smith (who also happens to be my sister :)) aims to celebrate Grenadians under 40 both on the island and those of Grenadian heritage around the world.

The 40th anniversary of Grenada’s independence is as an opportunity to profile and champion the emerging generation of young change-makers.

Over 40 weeks we will profile 40 young Grenadians who have made a definitive impact within their field.

In celebrating the young stars (on the island and among the diaspora) we hope to share their inspirational stories and to also build a network of young Grenadian influencers who are willing to share their skills and talents.


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