The Nsibidi Institute Launches ‘The Memory Project’: Capturing Personal Stories of Nigeria’s History between 1940-1980

In a bid to create content that will be used for both research, education and by the public, The Nsibidi Institute has launched an initiative entitled ‘The Memory Project’ which invites participants to record personal histories from 1940-1980 which will be collected and shared.

Nsibidi Institute is an independent body set up to preserve our heritage and revive homegrown knowledge creation. We work to foster a better understanding of Nigeria – its history, people, knowledge systems and possible futures. We share our findings to make a positive difference to contemporary Nigeria, celebrating the curiosity, rigour and diversity evident in our make-up and crucial to our development.

Largely based on audio recordings of conversations and photographs, and enriched with research and interactive elements, The Memory Project explores the dynamic between our relative histories, as well as forms of memory and identity within Nigerian society.

For more information and to get involved visit The Memory Project website