New Travel series ‘Second Gen’ re-connects WAH Nails founder Sharmadean Reid to her Jamaican roots

In the past few years a number of friends of mine have either spent an extended amount of time or returned to the countries in which their parents were born. This growing sense of wanting to experience a better quality of life paired with the accessibility to travel not just as a means of having a holiday but also discovering a new way of living is something that has increased.

Watching the latest episode of Amuse – a platform dedicated to travel from the iD team, I could wholeheartedly resonate with WAH Nails founder (whose first zine I still have somewhere!) Sharmadean Reid’s experience of British/Caribbean identity and how that impacts your sense of ‘home’.

From visits with family, to delicious food spots and speaking with others who’d made that leap this episode of Second Gen beautifully captures Sharmadean’s experience.

Raised in Wolverhampton in a large British-Jamaican family, in 2009 Sharmadean moved to London to set up her own business, WAH nails, and found quick success. Now, riding a career high, Sharmadean considers what comes next. So, Amuse takes Sharmadean back to Jamaica to discover the land and life her parents left behind. Could she be tempted to leave London and begin a new life in her ancestral home?