[Web Series] BWNG TV & Cardy Films join forces on new drama ‘How Did We Get Here?’

As an advocate for creative collaboration I was excited to see that BWNG TV are adding a new series to their platform which currently includes 6 shows including drama, comedy and topical discussions.

Written by Brothers With no Game co-creator Leon Mayne and directed by Ollan Cardy of Cardy Films (you may recognise familiar faces from the web series Life of Hers which we’re hoping will return for another series soon!) – ‘How Did We Get Here’ is a five-part series is due to premiere next month on YouTube.

How Did We Get Here? follows a complicated love affair between childhood sweethearts Dewale and Imani. Dewale, a talented musician, is in the honeymoon stage of a relationship with a fellow artist, while Imani is in the corporate world and engaged. They stumble across each other 5 years after their relationship had ended post-­‐university, and very quickly discover their feelings have yet to subside.

Told in reverse order, the story explores the emotional and psychological effect of affairs and the depths a person will go to experience true love again.

We’re looking forward to seeing more from both BWNG TV and Cardy Films (whose cinematographic approach to Life of Hers made it beautiful to watch) and hope this is just the beginning of future collaborations to come from creative talent in UK.

Check out the trailer below