Black Weblog Awards 2011: Best International Blog

Even though my dad wondered why the Black Weblog Awards isn’t sending me my prize in the post…I’m SUPER DUPER happy (well more tired than anything, I stayed up until 2am trying to watch the livestream, lol).

Nominated in two categories we won ‘Best International Blog’ (Ashy2Classy won ‘best culture blog’) which I’m so happy about.

Iamthenublack was a finalist in this year’s Black Weblog Awards which¬†was founded in 2005 to give recognition to Black bloggers (and those of the African diaspora) which were largely overlooked by other Internet award events online.

Not sure the appropriate way to celebrate winning a web based award but I WILL be eating some Red Velvet and possibly doing the dougie spontaneously in the street.


Thank you all so much for voting and getting your friends and tweeples to vote as well. Couldn’t have done it without you *breaking down into tears ala Halle Berry at the Oscars*


Until next time,


Gabi x