[iamthenublack] Tessa G of Art Rhymes & Life

Introduce yourself

My name is Tessa G. I’m a 2o yr old visual artist from the south-side of Chicago. I attend Illinois State University as an Arts Technology major. Art is a major part of my life. It is indeed my passion, whether I’m doing theatre, drawing, or painting, I love being able to create.

The artwork I tend to do is mostly geared towards urban realism, mixed with Pop Art. I often tend to use a lot of texture in my work, for me it is my way of connecting with the viewer on all aspects. Taking elements of pop art allows me to evaluate our current social trends, media, and issues. Art comes from a spiritual place for me. I may do mixed media one day, photography on another day or abstract the next. It really depends on how I feel.

Music is also a form of art that I love. I can go as far as to say it is my favorite art form. However, in more recent years, the quality of music in the mainstream seems to have lost touch with me. So, I do feel an obligation to uphold the legacy of many legendary musicians that have inspired me through my work. In a way, it is my tribute to those that have made an impact on the world through their art.

I believe in order to move forward you must have knowledge of the past, never forget what led you to where you are now.


Favorite song lyric

“…Tomorrow may never appear

You better hold this very moment very close to you (right now)
Very close to you (right now)
So close to you, So- close to you (your moment in history is right now!)
Don’t be afraid, to let it shine..”

–        Mos Def “Umi Says”


I’m inspired by

The beauty of life, art, nature, love, people, music, moments. My surroundings are a major inspiration for me. Chicago is a city of hard-workers, and the value of work ethic has continued to be one of my strongest assets as a human being. I’m ambitious, I’m driven, and I’m dedicated. I am also very inspired by creative individuals. I’m blessed to work with great artists, be around amazing people who are able to pass down wisdom to me as a young up-in coming artist, and, of course being surrounded around art on a daily basis. There is an art to everything.



My icons past/present

This is tough question. There are so many to name. In terms of artistic influences, I would say J Dilla, Prince, Ernie Barnes, Kara Walker, Janet Jackson and Justin Bua.



Thenublack philosophy/mantra

People will believe in your vision, when you believe in yourself.


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