The Last Word: André LeRoy Davis

I remember once I brought a magazine against the will of my mother and she set fire to them….guess she was worried about the influence they were having on me – thank God for online publications eh? lol. One of the magazines I used to refrequently read was The Source.

Apart from learning about artists from across the pond and dreaming about rocking the latest FUBU and Baby Phat 2 piece jeans sets I was also eager to get my hands on a copy of the magazine for 2 reasons…The crossword (have never completed one until this day) and ‘The Last Word’ by Andre LeRoy Davis.

His work was something I’d cut out and keep and was a great inspiration on how art wasn’t just for an art gallery – it could be applied anywhere. It was one of the things that I think solidified my love for the creativity and visual side of hip hop. It was funny but was what I thought was one of the best parts about The Source magazine. A few years down the line when I was in my final year and seeking out other artists like myself I contacted him via Myspace and he wrote back….yes I was completely geeked out, lol.

I came across some of his work a few weeks ago and had to share it with you guys.

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