iamthenublack: Lisa Marie Harris of Au Courant

Introduce yourself

Figuratively, I’m a thinker, a doer, a creator, a writer, a dreamer…Specifically, I am a Multimedia Editor + Art Director; I create performance/festival art pieces partly inspired by my Caribbean upbringing, I design my own fashion pieces for personal use, and I edit my own global fashion website & Magazine called Au Courant.

I studied fine art, design and media, and over the years that training coalesced with my obsession for this thing called fashion design.  Fashion from the Caribbean and from other global areas interests me just as much, or even more than mainstream design, really.

I think there are some great fashion designers emerging from the islands, from Stockholm, from Morocco, from South Africa, from Australia, and there wasn’t any online space that talked about them in the same sentence with Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang or Rodarte. Hence the need for Au Courant!

I created the online Au Courant entities in 2007 as a space for talking about fashion, personal style and exploring global fashion design. It’s also a framework within which I can for develop my Artistic & Production projects, and help other creatives to do the same…

Favourite lyric from a song

Wow! I started off in Media as a Radio Producer & Host, so I know way, way too many songs; it’s gonna be hard to single out lyrics from one tune! Off the top of my head though, I’d have to say “Get behind me Satan… chant, chant a Psalm a day” from Steel Pulse’s “Chant a Psalm.’ It’s one of those heavy and righteous, conscious Rasta tunes, but the beat is so cheery and light you’d never know unless you listen carefully. Does it for me every time.

Who and what inspires you

Who: Everyday people inspire me – period. Like these Haitians who can still muster the will to trudge on after that horrific earthquake, and to even sing, clap, and dance… It’s extremely humbling and beyond awe inspiring.

What: Ingenious design, in any form. I’m talking any and everything from Alexander McQueen heels, Stephen Burks chairs, appliqué shirts from The Cloth, Muji speakers, Hand tooled leather pieces.  Also period movies/TCM classics, English Literature works, vintage fairs & flea markets…

Who are your icons, past and present

My Mum; she’s the best! My love of design & fashion comes from her; she taught me to sew by hand, to appreciate different kinds of fabrics & textiles, to always leave the house looking my best, and she supported all my creative efforts over the years.  And she has the most exquisite tastes, too!

In terms of general style icons past & present, I’d have to say Lauryn Hill, for sure. She has this eclectic/artsy, and yet classic way of dressing – it’s right up my alley. Also, I love the off-screen look of the two Hepburns; Katherine, because she knew how to wear all those mannish, classic pieces in a womanly way, and Audrey, because she was so gamine and effortlessly chic.

Thenublack philosophy according to Lisa Marie Harris

“Know Thyself.” Take the time to understand your foibles, know what works for you, get friendly with all your nasty ways, and ½ of the work in life is done. Don’t try to be something you are not, or force yourself into a mold that just doesn’t work for you…

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