Spread Love: Brooklynati comes to Favela Chic

I’m happy to say that my ‘list of musicians I’d like to see in concert’ is decreasing. Between now and 2009 I’ve been priveleged to see a number of artists who I’d say are my ultimate favourite (Q-Tip, Eric Benet, Maxwell, Chrisette Michelle, Jay Electronica)…and now Tanya Morgan.

There’s truly no stopping Amelia of PMOI…on Sunday she put on ‘Second Hand Sureshots’ and the magnificent ‘A Suite for Ma Dukes’ and then the following Wednesday managed to pull of a lastminute.com performance from Tanya Morgan and Spec Boogie!

Having caught Spec performing at Deviation last week, I thought I’d go and catch him with his homies TM. I’m not sure what the ratio of people that knew of Tanya Morgan’s music to those who didn’t, and despite trying to take some snapshots, I was pretty much 95% occupied with nodding my head to their songs….THEY PLAYED VON PEA’S FOREIGN EXCHANGE JOINT (which I’d heard millions of times before I’d actually cottoned on to TM) Sarah Love was also in the house on the decks (she’s gorgeous!).

Randomly met up with one of my peeps who I got to come along with me (he missed the performance though as he had work the next day). I’ll be sure to send him over some copies of TM and Spec Boogie’s music. Also spotted Mangaliso Asi – the dope emcee who tore it up at Jay Electronica’s gig.

I think working in the news has made my star-struckness levels go down quite a bit, plus all three guys seemed really down to earth…something I should be glad about because I got get a snap of both Don Will and Von Pea rocking the MouthOff app ala their So Damn Down video.

They came, they rapped, they danced (“oh my god he’s a REALLY good dancer” giggled one of the ladies beside me and Spec got his boogie on, lol), and left the crowd wanting more.

Looking forward to Jazz:refreshed next week! See you guys there if you’re around…

G x

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