Ear Candy of the week

I’ve got music-itis right now, gotta purge and share some of the goodies I’ve been listening to this week. Grenada had me on a soca high, (Movado’s ‘Hope & Pray’ and Tallpree’s ‘Wickedest Jab’ were my favourites) and since I came back it’s been a non-stop musical feast.

(click on the images to get the goodness)

First up is Jonny Walker’s (Editor of Urban Culture blog Flawless Hustle and also thenublack’s favourite RT KING! :)) ‘Chemical Food’ which was released on Thursday. This is not your regular mixtape, but you’ll definitely learn something from it as he touches on many social issues giving it a nice edge (you can’t rap about cars and girls ALL the time…well you can, I just won’t pay close attention!) Plus with 20 tracks to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice.

Favourite Tracks: I Need, Midnight Blues, Last Freedom Ride

What more really needs to be said after The Roots and JDilla…not much. I haven’t touched this as yet but I know it’s going to be ridiculously good.

“In an act of great musicianship the legendary Roots-crew pay respect to the late and great J Dilla offering their renditions of the producer’s greatest hits. The featured mixtape belongs easily to the most sublime tributes to J Dilla we have seen to date.”


Seeing as I don’t listen to the radio much, (The Archers on Radio 4 is pretty much the only thing I tune in for) I’ve been going in on podcasts and have a nice little collection that I regularly listen to. Amelia from Put Me On It put me onto (that was SO avoidable, lol) the Gordon Gartrell podcast and it’s probably one of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever listened to (that and Tanya Morgan’s Lessondary Podcast). Created by DJ Brainchild and Phonte Coleman of Little Brother and Foreign Exchange, you’ll great a good dose of the best tunes while coming close to wetting yourself listening to Phonte’s views on relationships, and most recently sexism in the music industry. His candid views are from the heart and definitely worth a listen (although if you’re offended by cursing….be warned!).