Trey Songz x Complex

No my page has not been hijacked – I geniunely am about to write this post. I spent the whole of my holiday in Grenada listening to tracks by Young Money, Trey Songz and the rest of ’em kids via my cousin’s iPod so yea I’m all auto-tuned up right now (“open wide you know you’re thirsty… REALLY?) <—me sounding like a grumpy old person. Someone still needs to really convince me about Drake (although I do like his track with Little Brother), same with Nicki Minaj…okay scratch that last part.

Although I’ve seen a few of his videos and heard his music I can’t truly same I’m not a fan of Mr. Trey ‘Riley from The Boondocks’ Songz, but the shoot he did with Complex was pretty damn fly. The photos are reminiscent of Sammy Davis Junior which I love. How old is he anyway ? *cough*

via Complex