iamthenublack: Alicia of Instant Vintage

innyvinny_tnbintroduce yourself

I’m Alicia. Born and bred in Los Angeles with the soul of a hippie/punk, and a penchant for profanity.  I work a desk job to pay the bills, but I fancy myself as a small-time jewelry maker, budding photographer, and blogger. 

fav lyric from a song

“Forever trust in who [you] are.”

– Nothing Else Matters, Metallica

It’s a slightly modified lyric, and I try to live by it as best I can.

who and what inspires you?

I am most inspired by my peers who are out doing great things.  I have the privilege of knowing and meeting some very talented people and watching them work and succeed motivates me to do more.  I also  take a lot of inspiration from music.

icons past & present

I can’t honestly say that I have set icons because they can shift depending on what I’m into at the time, but I will always (always, always) look up to my father.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Alicia

Don’t be afraid to be you even if that “you” isn’t what everyone expects.  People hardly have enough of their own shit together to try and judge yours, so don’t put too much stock in what they have to say about you.  There’s no mold for this life of ours, so live it the way you want…aside from doing people harm…because that just isn’t cool.

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