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J Dilla

[T-Shirt Tuesdays] The story behind the infamous ‘J Dilla Changed My Life’ T-Shirt

7th February 2012 |

You’ve probably seen a this shirt around at various JDilla celebrations or at hip hop concerts but may not know where or who made it. in 2006 Stonesthrow managed to find the guy who’d created … Read More

T-Shirt Tuesdays: Another Batch

8th February 2011 |

Headed down to the annual ‘J Dilla Changed My Life’ event at Scala on Sunday. It was a short trip as no cameras were allowed inside *sigh* Having come back outside I decided to scan the rather long queue for … Read More

Ear Candy of the week

9th April 2010 |

I’ve got music-itis right now, gotta purge and share some of the goodies I’ve been listening to this week. Grenada had me on a soca high, (Movado’s ‘Hope & Pray’ and Tallpree’s ‘Wickedest Jab’ were my favourites) and since I … Read More

Timeless x A Suite for Ma Dukes

18th February 2010 |

I have to get my hands on this (even I’m going to be in Grenada when it gets released). The timeless, beautiful, extra special ‘Suite for Mad Dukes’ will be featured as one of a … Read More

Dear J Dilla

7th February 2010 |

I remember when I first heard ‘A Suite for Ma Dukes’ by Miguel Atwood Ferguson & Carlos Nino last year, I almost cried my eyes out it was so beautiful. Similarly the night of my 25th birthday, while I danced … Read More

Music 101: Baatin

3rd September 2009 |

Remember I told you about Waajeed from PPP being at The Westbury on Sunday…it was AMAZING!!! I am known to exaggerate from time to time but I have witnesses*

Anyways, Waajeed pays homage to major music player J-Dilla and recently … Read More

Dilla gets Drawn

11th February 2009 |

A day after the anniversary of 3 years since one of the greatest hip hop producers passed away, I found this cool video.

Mr Yancey, thenublack salutes you 🙂


Read More