Documentary ‘Footprints’ charts the rise of Grenadian athlete Kirani James

I was at work the night of the London 2012 400m finals. My sister was in Grenada and the official Olympic house for the island was jam packed with excited Grenadians waiting for their boy to take home gold.

We watched as he started to run, picking up speed and sailing past his contenders to claim a victorious win. I stayed as composed as possible but the exuberant smile on my face said it all. His down to earth character something rarely seen at the olympic games garnered the attention and affection of many.

Searching on YouTube for clips of the reaction on the island to Kirani’s win still bring back memories. People dancing in the street, waving flags and whatever else they could get their hands on. Blowing conch shells, whistles and creating a sense of bacchanal¬†often seen during carnival.

In true Grenadian fashion, James’s win was commemorated with grand celebration and a road ‘Kirani James Boulevard’ was named in his honour.

Produced by Grenadian media company Colour Bar Media ‘Footprints’ documents the rise of Grenada’s bright young star Kirani James. A name familiar on the lips of Grenadians and on the night of his win – the rest of the world. His win making history as the first gold won by the island.

Check out the trailer below.