[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Well Made Magazine: A publication about T-Shirts & T-Shirt Culture

If you had the opportunity to attend the Beyond Gold exhibition at the Bargehouse last month you would may have seen illustrator Berjo Mouanga’s work. Last year he exhibited pieces from his dissertation – a series of T-Shirts featuring illustrations of the greats of cinema from the African Diaspora (we also featured him in our first exhibition at the Original Gallery).
He’s been busy not only working on a set of London 2012 T-Shirts which we featured on the site but also collaborating with ethically manufactured apparel manufacturers Mantis World to create a magazine based around T-Shirts. Well Made Magazine which launched in September features photographs and interviews with people working within the T-Shirt design industry, from designers to Screenprinters.
We love t-shirts. We love what they can say, what they can mean and how they can look. Well Made is all about t-shirts and t-shirt culture. In this debut issue of Well Made we look at people who stand out, not because they look wacky or weird – although a few of them may be blessed with those qualities too – but because they do things differently.
The magazine is currently being distributed in Urban Outfitters and vintage clothing store Beyond Retro.
Check out the Well Made Tumblr Page