Guest Post: Ebony + Ivory

Our obsession du jour. We just can’t seem to get enough. Not only is Ebony + Ivory a timeless and classic colour story, but it is most likely to enchant while retaining mystery. Please note that we are not talking about its first cousin, the combination of the definable Black and White. No. Elusive Ebony and informal Ivory, with its subtle hue difference, offers less contrast and thereby extends a little tenderness. When these two tones collaborate, watch out!

1. Madewell, polka-dot kerchief
2. TopShop, MOTO Stripe Leigh Jeans
3. Converse, Marimekko dotted canvas sneakers
4. Pull and Bear, Studeed Printed Blouse
5. Moleskine, Notebook
6. Ikea, LAPPLJUNG RUTA Cushion cover
7. Alexander McQueen, Skull-print modal and cashmere-blend scarf



P.S: Did we mention that we adore polkadots too!