[Iamthenublack] Artwell Nwaila of The South African Creative Network


Introduce yourself

My name is Artwell Nwaila the founder and editor of SA Creative Network and I’m also a creative editor for a magazine. I’m a qualified fine artist and professional photographer.

The reason I created www.SACreativeNetwork.co.za was because I felt that African creative’s had plenty opportunities to showcase their work but had very little opportunities to market themselves and their business. I also felt that the space for creative thought leaders to speak was slim to none. Showcasing is great but giving creatives a voice is better.

Although we do showcase work, we also have a tool called find a creative, where creatives can advertise their businesses, freelance services or anything else creative based for free. We also have a program called the content exchange. Artists are encouraged to provide content in exchange for an ad, which is placed at the end of the post. The more they contribute the more their advert is visible.  In this way they get prime advertising space and also brand themselves as thought leaders. It is with these tools and more that we are able to turn creative ideas into idea engineers.


Favourite song lyric

“Alright Stop…. Collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention”, LOL.

Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby


I’m inspired by

People who are bursting with ideas. I love feeding off the energy of ambitious people. I’m also inspired by good work. Not just technically good work but well thought out strategic work.


My icons past & present

My past icon would defiantly be Gerald Sekota. He was a brilliant painter who told his stories with the use of vibrant colours. My current Icon is Alf Khumalo. He captured stunning apartheid images and images of Nelson Mandela. Even today, he carries his camera where ever he goes. He is still inspired by his surroundings. Young artists can learn from this dedication.

Thenublack philosophy

Being creative is not just about following a brief; the most successful people in our industry are also idea engineers. So go ahead, flip the script, become a taste maker.


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