[Mother’s Day Special] Hey Mama: Tamu Thomas – Fashion Designer

Since starting Thenublack I’ve had the opportunity to meet and connect with some of the most inspirational and also influential people. A good majority of those people have been women. I feel that the bond between black women of all generations are important as not matter what our walks of life have been there’s something unique we all share.

Today I’d like to share with you some of those inspirational women who are also mothers to find out what inspires them to not only to do great business work but support the next generation through their role as mothers.



Tamu Thomas
Mother to
Thoughts on Motherhood
Motherhood is one of the best and most challenging things you will ever experience.  For me it is been a wonderful loving journey where I have learnt about myself and realised what I am capable of.  I have learned that there are no bounds to love.  My daughter has made me realise that I am a role model, she has inspired me to stretch out of my comfort zone and reach.  Zia has taught me how to multitask and that I can keep going even when I think there is nothing left.  If I didn’t have my daughter I would never have started a fashion brand/ business, she has really made me see me.
The best thing about being a mother are little things like when Zia’s teacher told me that she said I look after her properly or when she tells me that she loves me a million, million and ninety one! It is also seeing the fruits of your labour grow and develop daily, taking small steps toward independence whilst our relationship deepens.
I think that motherhood should not be taken fro granted and it is essential to live in the moment and enjoy it, enjoyment on reflection is a waste.  You need to jump in muddy puddles and make play dough!
Best advice you’ve been given about Motherhood
Relax and enjoy it.
Which women have inspired you?
My mother, Cecilia has inspired me, not because she has a successful business but because no matter what the obstacle has been she has always overcome it with grace.  As children my siblings and I always knew that we were top of her list.
I met Sonia Meggie founder of Inspirational YOU a couple of years ago, this woman inspires me every time I speak to her she has such a positive ‘lets see how we can do it’ attitude it is infectious.
Dr Maya Angelou – needs no explanation.
Michelle Obama, for me she is the epitome of womanhood, beautiful, intelligent, graciously strong and caring.
Which song would you submit for a Mother’s Day playlist?
That’s what friends are for – Dionne Warwick