[Mother’s Day Special] Hey Mama: Ebony David – Fashion Assistant



Ebony David

Mother to
Son Jaiden 11 yrs, daughter Nuvany 10 yrs, son Joshua 8 yrs, & son Kai 5 yrs
Thoughts on motherhood 
My Motherhood experience:
unconditional.exhilarating.daunting.cultivating.intimate.pure love.disappointment.accountability.life.accomplishment.clueless.irritating.sensitive.protective.encouraging.optimistic.selfless.acceptance.honesty.ferocious.chastising.endurance.forgiving.conscious.apologetic.motivating.repetition.creative.inadequate.unfair.irrational.invincible.intense.comedic.fearless.awkward.
They all have amazing character & are extremely intelligent, that inspires me alone. I’ve always taught them to be respectful & compassionate towards every person that crosses their paths. It’s an amazing feeling to go to their school and have all the teacher & staff some whom I do not personally know express how amazing my little people are!
Best thing about being a mother, my kids are my number one cheerleaders always encouraging and unconditional. Sometimes I’m hard on myself, they can always say & do the most simple thing  to get me back on track its a blessing. I cherish my relationship with them, I’m forever grateful that God entrusted ME CRAZY EBONY with their lives ;).
Best advice you’ve been given about motherhood
My Mom is the epitome of a wise woman, she’s the most unconditional person I know(along with my Dad, but this is about Mom’s ;). I wish I could express in words how grateful I am to her for teaching me what it is to be unconditional. Motherhood=unconditional or at least it should in my opinion.  She also tells me to keep an open line of communication open with the kids, make them feel that nothing is too bad/wrong to confide in mom about. To never judge them and make sure they know I’m always available FOREVER!
Which women have inspired you?
I previously ran a fashion, art & culture blog for about 6 years, I did a series called Grinding where I spotlighted various  people that I felt were inspiring. I’ll name a few of them here  & you can check the link to read more about why they inspire me!
My Mother of course
Alejandra Hernandez
Maikhanh Bertrand
Sarah White
Ouxu Cheng
Rakiyt Zakari
Nikki Ntu
Stella Burchard
Jessica Gueco
Which song would you submit for a Mother’s Day playlist?
Speak Like A Child – Herbie Hancock