[Video of the Week] Pothound: A day in the life of a Trinidadian street dog


The last time I went to Grenada I was very surprised to see a pet store. It was in the area where a lot of tourists and Grenadian Nationals (or JCB – Just Come Back as they’re sometimes referred too, much to the annoyance of some of those Nationals) stayed but I was still surprised. I don’t really know of any Grenadian children that have pets either – not counting lizards, but those are usually free.

For the most part a dog stays in the yard, you don’t really play with it and it eats whatever bones and leftovers the family feel to give it. Both sets of my grandparents had dogs but one passed away and the other was poisoned – I gathered from the fact that my granny didn’t replace the dog that she wasn’t so upset about it and there are no pictures of the dog in her house, no urn in the front room, nada.

The following film was shot in Trinidad, and tells the story of the day in the life of a street dog or a ‘Pothound’ as they’re more ‘affectionately’ known.

1. A dog of mixed or indeterminate breed. A mutt or mongrel.
2. A street dog frequently associated with mischief.

Directed by Christopher Guiness, the cinematography is stunning, it reminded me of the first few minutes of City of God. The perfectly timed narrative with an unexpected ending is what makes this a great short film and our video of the week!