[T-Shirt Tuesdays] Zest Clothing

I’m always interesteed in the ‘About Me’ sections of a T-Shirt company’s website. For me a company’s ethos and background can be an important factor for me when buying their products. I came across Zest Clothing in December of last year as I was preparing blog posts for the new year and found the back story really insightful. Of his decision to start a clothing company, owner and designer Junior Ungoma says:


“Sometimes, my designs and ways of thinking are inspired but not always as often these just spring out of thin air. The name ‘Zest’ resulted from wanting to be different and called for a lot of thought. First of all, I did not want to be like any other high street clothing line or brand. So drawing on the outer layer of an orange, lemon or lime as a theme, I likened the idea of a flavour and kick to that of the human outer layer.

When people, for example, see something new or different, their first instinct is to question its existence or try to pick it apart for better understanding. This was a challenge when Zest first started although it was not always obvious, perhaps due to my age or way of working and interpreting things. Whatever it was, this worked in making me explore further so that I could build the brand without losing my values or independence. Designing as I see it is a matter of putting out my personal view of objects, stories, nature in the hope that people will interact with my ideas and enjoy these. This is where Zest Clothing is today, hence, why it stands out from what other people do.”