[VIDEO] President Obama speaks at Martin Luther King memorial dedication

Thousands of onlookers and invited guests listened in as President Barack Obama payed homage to Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the unveiling of his memorial in Washington DC today. Having been one of the millions of people in attendance at the inauguration in 2008 I still remember the sound of pride in the voices of older members of the public that the 44th President of the United States was a part of the dream that Dr King had spoken of in 1963. Whether or not they feel like that now since his election into office is questionable but regardless of that this was still an historic moment.

The memorial unveiling also included a speech from Dr King’s son Martin Luther King III, and a rendition of ‘Precious Lord’ which was the song sung by Aretha Franklin that Dr King requested on the night before his assisnation. The statue which is situated along the Mall is the first figure of African descent.

Check out the video of the speech below: