[Bookmark This] Black Girl Problems

I’m not sure which is funnier, the problems or the answers and disclaimer the owner (who doesn’t reveal her identity) gives. This blog is giving me life right now, lol.

Not all black people are the way the way some of theses posts make them seem. Im aware that people of all races can have these problems.Yes, they are generalizations. Generalizations made to make you laugh. Not all black feel this way. Not all black people act this way.If you are of a different race and youre reading to understand more about black people, keep that in mind. I am not the voice for every black person in the world.At the end of the day, this blog is seriously just meant for laughs. Thats it.If you learned something, cool, but just dont assume that all black people have these feelings and go through these things.Also, i know that not all white people are racist.

Calm down.Instead of complaining just unfollow me. Simple.

Black Girl Problems