[PHOTOSET] Shaolin Jazz listening party – PHILA

Friday September 30th saw the coming together of two of my favourite genres of music – Hip Hop and Jazz. The brainchild of Gerald Watson and DJ 2 Tone Jones, Shaolin Jazz combines the music of legendary hip hop group the Wu Tang Clan and the finest Jazz cuts. I’ve had many shocked looks when I’ve told people about the mixtape but it sounds good, believe me!

Before the listening party a Q&A took place at Philadelphia’s Temple University at which the similarities of Jazz and Hip Hop were discussed by various university students and alums. As I was in New York I decided to travel to the event and check it out. Had the pleasure of meeting both Shaolin Jazz creators and speaking to Gerald who runs Art vs Commerce about their future projects and how they could bring Shaolin Jazz to the shores of Europe.

The music was accompanied by and art show and video installation. The night was filled with good music, the whole Shaolin Jazz mixtape was played as well as the premiere of the Art vs Commerce tribute to the late Gil Scott Heron.