[Iamthenublack] Arielle Loren // writer + filmmaker

Introduce yourself 


I’m Arielle Loren. Part scribe. Part filmmaker. Part badass. Part innocence. I write and make films on gender, sexuality, vegetarianism, and culture.


I graduated from New York University with a degree in Social & Cultural Analysis and certificate in Producing. Combining my passion for social issues, taboo subjects, and provocative content, I started freelancing for publications, such as Clutch Magazine, Vibe Vixen, Frugivore Magazine, Carnal Nation, and many more.


I also wear the title “documentarian,” as the director and producer of Bideology, a documentary about straight women dating bisexual men. Inspired by a personal experience, I originally launched the project as a web series, but now we’re gathering new content for a full feature. I look forward to traveling and sending Bideology to film festivals across the nation to spur positive conversations about bisexuality and sexual fluidity within heterosexual relationships.




Favourite song lyric


“Like the Phoenix from the ashes. Or a sunrise off in the distance. I’ll try again.”


– Kelis, Emancipate




I’m inspired by


Life. Opportunity. Greatness.




My icons past/present


Women entrepreneurs, past and present, inspire my tenacity, creativity, and relentless pursuit of a passionate career. And by entrepreneur, I don’t just mean the traditional shop owner or businesswoman. As a writer and filmmaker, I’m watching Shonda Rhimes, Oprah, Cathy Hughes, and Beyonce for notes on building an empire.


But in terms of creativity, I hope to reach deep within myself like Paulo Coelho, have little fear of individuality like Kelis, and create art as a vessel for social movements to empower aggressive activism.


I’m just an artist, inspired by many things, writing my sentiments, and filming the observations around me.




Thenublack philosophy/mantra


“…Each step we take, we arrive.”


– Paulo Coelho




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