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[MUSIC] Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber

[MUSIC] Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber


I don’t remember who put me onto this mix I’m forever grateful. The brain child of Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone, the sounds of the Wu-Tang clan are effortlessly mixed with the cool tones of Jazz. Having come across the artwork by Logan Walters which combined the Wu’s album covers in the iconic Blue Note graphic style, Watson got in touch with DJ 2-Tone to created Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber.

After the success of the mixtape a competition was launched a few months ago to find a designer to create cover art for the mix which was won by artist Shamona Stokes. Since the launch there have also been a series of listening parties in DC and New York…the next one is in Philly (which coincidentally happens to be around the time I go to New York…woop woop!).

I’m a sucker for a good collaboration and this one is damn near perfect, I can’t wait to see more…maybe a listening party in London perhaps?



Download the mixtape