[Image of the Day] The Outsider Inside

I’ve always felt a little different, my thinking, my style; a little off center. Definitely, have always felt very grounded in my identity as a black woman and person of color, but my aesthetic and interests were not always in line with the cultural box that society likes to put us in or that we sometimes put ourselves in. So, that among other reasons is why I have always felt like an outsider, but not an outcast, so I coined the term, “The Outsider Inside.”

I am really into aesthetics and how images can shape and influence how we see ourselves and our world. Images are very powerful and I want to be responsible for producing images that show different, positive, and unique images of women of color. This is my first project, “The Outsiders Inside.” Through imagery and words I wanted to celebrate women of color who do not have conventional aesthetic expression and to spotlight their passions and talents.

– Siairashawn