[music] #nowplaying FLWRPT & LEMU: The Sound of A Brooklyn Summer

The great thing about receiving e-mails from folks in the US is that when I’m meant to be sleeping, they’re wide awake. Now after having listened to the first two tracks from this mixtape I too am now wide awake, lol. Needless to say I’ll be banging this is my car, iPod and at work when I get in. The last Summer I spent in Brooklyn was 2 years ago and I loved it, so I’m hoping this mix will remind me of those good times. A dope mix + Instagram + cool typography…all I need now is a ticket to JFK so I can relive my BK Summer experience!


This mix is a collaboration between me and a good friend of mine, Lemu. We both decided that it was time to work together on a mix of sounds, in celebration of the highly sought-after “Brooklyn” summer. For those that live in Brooklyn, one can understand the MAJOR effects of the change in scenery, the vibes, and in the “birds” lol. So much to be inspired by…but not to be mistaken, this mix is for EVERYBODY!

– Flwrpt