[iamthenublack] Dana Shum

Introduce yourself

Dana Shum. I’m a freshman in college and I’m from Ghana, West Africa. I also like to think that I’m a photographer from time to time.

I’m also planning to start an initiative called UGLY – Unique Girls Love Yourselves. it’s about defining what beauty means to you. It’s about learning to shift your paradigms and see from your own lens. It’s about knowing that it is a growth process and accepting and enjoying it. Being U.G.L.Y means that you are constantly remodeling your negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. Though U.G.L.Y does focus on helping ladies to accept their mental and physical flaws, I do hope that it’ll be doing something even greater.

Favourite song lyric

“Lovely…don’t you ever change. Keep that breathless charm. Won’t you please arrange it? Cause I love you…Just the way you look tonight.”

– The Way You Look Tonight; Frank Sinatra

I’m inspired by

The women around me. I try to surround myself with positive, strong people and they inspire me to go beyond expectations and to make a name for myself. I’m inspired very much by home too. Home is where my heart is.

My icons past/present

Ella Fitzgerald

My father.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Dana Shun

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

– Confucious.

Sometimes it’s not about leaving a legacy, or being remembered. It’s not about the impression but more about the impact. In our generation especially, so many people are working to be remembered. They forget that there are people out there without voices, people suffering, people who can’t stand up for themselves- our own people. Making an impact on the world has nothing to do with me at all, but everything to do with who I can help, who I can make happy, who I can give hope to. DREAM: Defy Reality, Everyone Always Matters.

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