T-Shirt Tuesdays: Labrinth – 1 Man 4 Musical T-Shirts

I used to work for a company that sold t-shirts that reacted to music….I saw a couple of people rocking them in clubs a few times and I just thought they looked stupid (which they did). THIS, or maybe the man wearing these tees makes having a few electrodes close to your body seem cool…..in a non-terrorist investigation kind of way.

Will I be buying one? Probably not (although I think my nephew would like one). Do I like Labrinth just that little bit more now? YEEEEAH! The tune he makes is dope, and the stylist gets two thumbs up as well. Gotta love the excited facial expressions he makes throughout the video, lol.

Should I be looking out for a Labrinth x Think Geek single on iTunes anytime soon?

Available form Think Geek

via Yin & Yang