iamthenublack: Justina Bailey

Introduce yourself

The name is Justina Bailey AKA- Just, JustB, Just-Just, Jus the list goes on… I am a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator.

Favourite song lyric

“I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies and hypotheses can’t define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery”

~ Triumph – Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang)

The vocabulary, delivery and timing was amazing and a great opening to the track.

I’m inspired by

Music, cartoons, graffiti, 80’s-90’s youth culture and the inner city of London today, my surroundings  also play a big part in my inspiration.

My icons past/present

Spike Lee,  Jamie Hewlett, Charles Schulz, Dr Seuss, Bruce W. Smith,  Jean Micheal Basquait, Keith Haring and John Kricfalusi.

Thenublack philosophy/mantra according to Justina Bailey

I guess I live by just being open minded, because if you can’t develop your understanding if you keep it closed.

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