Corey Davis x Somewhere Over The Pond

I haven’t really taken a lot of time to think about some of the cool people I’ve met up with this year but the quota has been set pretty high for 2011. While staying at my sisters in Nw10 (Norf Weezay), I got word that Tattoo artist Miya Bailey and some of the crew from The City of Ink were in London.

Having come across Corey’s work as an illustrator ¬†and Miya’s tattoo work while I was still at uni I jumped at the chance to drop by their digs and say hey (as well as hooking them up with some t-shirts). They were the coolest, extremely down to earth and had been travelling round London meeting up with folks and tattooing. We spoke about future projects, movies, and which one of them was going to be doing my first tattoo……more about that later, lol.

A friend of mine said that you really appreciate your city when it’s seen through a visitor’s eyes and I completely agree. I’m definitely looking forward to having the City of Ink crew back in London again.