Am I thenublack?

Friend: “Gabs, you should give that girl one of your cards.”

I watch as a pretty girl with a large auburn afro walks past.

Me: “Why”

Friend: “She’s the type”

Me: “What, because she has an afro?”

Friend: “isn’t that what thenublack is about?”

Now to me, my friend made an assumption – having natural hair = thenublack. His assumption is probably based on the views of the owner of the blog – yours truly.

This is actually a re-occuring conversation we seem to have about whether I embody what I blog about. Even in explaining what the blog is about is sometimes a challenge as I don’t think it’s just about one thing.

“Hi, I blog about Black stuff….you should definitely check it out”.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know enough about my history to be doing this.

Sometimes I’d like to give up and just post about regular everyday things like Gaga’s meat dress.

Sometimes I’d like new and interesting information to be easier to find.

Sometimes I’m intrigued by people’s discomfort at my so-called ‘consciousness’ like if they looked in my bag they’d find a single black glove and a cashmere beret.

Then there are times when people who I see as an inspiration commend me on my efforts.

When being able to put people onto new things excites me.

When my mum calls to say she’s voted for me.

When teachers share information they’ve found on here with their students.

When in the moments I feel like giving up, I get an e-mail back from an artist who’s going to be featured.

That’s when it’s worth it.

So am I thenublack because I have natural hair, and listen to Talib Kweli?….C’mon Son.

Realising that there are so many ventures to embark on with thenublack is daunting, but I’m inspired everyday by people doing what they love and the tenacity of all those before me and in similar positions to me to stop (plus my slight addiction to the Internet won’t allow it, lol).

Thought I’d leave you with something that I feel sums up what the blog is about….enjoy, lol.