T-Shirt Tuesdays: 101 Apparel

101 Apparel was created by designer Eric Crandell in 2005 as a way to seamlessly bridge the gap between art, music, and fashion. As Ubiquity Records Art Director for many years he applied his skills in designing album covers, silk screens and was the chief creative force for Ubiquity’s lucrative apparel line.

101 Apparel takes inspiration from various genres and cultures, showing influences from classic designers such as the work of Alexander Girard, Milton Glaser, Reid Miles and Ray Eames. Music and design has a long history of cross referencing conceptual ideas into artistic forms and 101 Apparel applies that design history every step of the way. 101 Apparel is where sound and vision converge into one seamless package. After years of absorbing the music and design aesthetic in anything from an old dusty latin funk 45, to a European soundtrack, to an early 12’ inch dance classic, all these influences create something, vital, unique and enduring.

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