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introduce yourself

My full name is Frances Bradley and I’m originally from Flint, Michigan. I grew up in a household of talent.  Beginning with my father, Alfred Bruce Bradley who is the “community father and humanitarian” of Flint. He is the CEO of Tapology Tap Festival for Youth (www.tapology.org) and Artistic Director of Creative Expressions Dance Studio. My father is totally responsible for my creativity. I was involved in everything at an early age of 4 yrs. old. Dance, Visual Arts, Music (clarinet), Choir and Theater… we did it ALL. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and the 2 of my sisters always singing around the house and my older brother doing his Bill Cosby impersonations surrounded me.  These are the CORE reasoning behind my drive and creativity.

I am an alumnus from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia where my concentration was Illustration. I chose to attend Philadelphia, because it was close to NY, which gave me easy access to the entertainment world. Throughout my college years, I multi-tasked. I was fortunate to do commercials showcasing my tap dancing skills for Nickelodeon and I also worked with Tony Award Choreographer, George Faison in Bubblin Brown Sugar in Atlanta as an ensemble member.

Upon graduating from college, I was granted an opportunity to work with the Mural Arts Program first as an intern, then assistant artist and ending as Lead Instructor. These community-based jobs directed me to many outreach positions throughout Philadelphia. At the same time, I was determined to work in more of a professional setting that dealt with more of the administration. A year and a half ago I was granted a position with The African American Museum in Philadelphia as the Exhibition Assistant. I am currently still employed there and since employment, I’ve developed a business plan to eventually open up my own art gallery/ institution.

People label me as a renaissance woman, because one minute you’ll find me exhibiting my work in galleries, or you’ll catch me on stage demonstrating my tap dancing skills. I am currently a member of Savion Glover’s new tap company and 2- 3 days out of the week you’ll find me in Newark rehearsing for our premiere show at the Joyce Theater in NYC starting June 21-July 10.

Life in a nutshell, is awesome. I dare not complain even when it’s hard. I’m so motivated and inspired to keep moving. Even though I fill many shoes, I strive to eventually become my own boss. I was always taught to make money doing the things you LOVE to do, and to create your own job and business. This is exactly what I’m doing. 

fav lyric from a song

“My prayer is to be better, and to live a life of love. An honest human being whose life can soar with the dove. It’s hard to keep your head up, when life smoke obscures your gaze. I pray to see the beauty even in the darkest haze. And when I feel worthy to receive, the universe opens up to me. I’m a wide open vessel, true love expression, I never live a day in vain…”

-Georgia Anne Muldrow

who and what inspires you?

God, life struggles, pain, trauma, love, spirituality, enlightenment, people, nature, art, music, dance, adventures, Africa, culture, religions, everything.

icons past & present

I don’t really have any specific icons. Strong, intelligent individuals who continuously open my mind to a higher level of thinking and practice inspire me. I’m very opened minded to receiving energy from ALL FORCES.

the nublack philosophy/mantra according to Frances

Recently in my “adult” years, I discovered that my name means “free-woman” in German. I found it to be kind of ironic because I feel my spirit as one that is free and open to receive the blessings that God has systematically planned for me. I would advise all to always keep an open mind, an open spirit and always remain productive in searching for new ways to grow and learn, and in this practice you will always remain humbled and balanced.

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