Gorillaz Sound System

I attended Street Fest a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty damn good. It was a mix of street art, fashion, music and food. Wale Adeyemi’s B Side was there, as well as Adidas Originals who had a really cool competition on to customise your own kicks.

I bumped into Kwabena of Kayobi Clothing and we got chatting about each other’s brands, what was going on with thenublack show (which I STILL haven’t spoken about on here yet!)…dude is a hustler – I know a lot of people went away rocking their ‘Make Fufu not War’ tees that day.

While we were chatting a couple of guys from the Gorillaz Soundsystem passed by and we got chatting to Pauli K (the drummer) who’s a cool dude with a VERY NICE watch. He sent me over this video a couple of days ago and I love it! Their energy is dope – look out for more from Pauli K on thenublack.

Gorillaz Sound System from Rohan Blair-Mangat on Vimeo.

StreetFest 2010 from Rohan Blair-Mangat on Vimeo.