2010 World Cup starts on Friday so I thought I’d get into the football spirit by dedicating a T-Shirt Tuesday to what I imagine will be one of the dopest World Cup tournaments for a while – being held in South Africa. I supported Brazil for a while, but this year I might actually be patriotic and support England this year (just as long as they don’t start giving out 85% discounts at Dixons IF England make it to the finals….let’s just take one step at a time okay?! JEEZ).

I’m going to have my eyes out for any hotties/potential husbands ‘iamthenublack’ talent and maybe do a little World Cup special for each game. I just need to find a place to go and watch some matches (I can only run around the living room with my pop so much until it starts to lose its effect, lol). Who will you be supporting this year?

Nigeria by ILoveBeeing

Brazil by SoccerPrint

Ghana by Kayobi Clothing

England by PLAY